Mobile  Motorcycle Pre-purchase Inspections

Our mobile inspection service covers  Brisbane , Gold Coast , Sunshine Coast & all parts of Sth east Qld.

For the past 10 years  i have been inspecting bikes for  customers from all over Australia and over seas , with test ride insurance cover of up to $100,00 ,ensures all bikes we inspect are test ridden ,there are 3 levels of inspections we offer ,call Glen for a personalized quote today ,to suit your requirements .

 1/ Our Bronze inspection is were i , test ride and check the bike over, both pre and post test ride for any problems or components that may need attention in the next 6 months, as RWC are normally carried out to the minimum requirements some components may pass , however could require replacing shortly after the purchase ,  if the customer has seen the bike already and can't attend the inspection i give them a call on completion to let them know of my findings , however i find  my customers normally like to attend. Costs can be kept down as no reports need to be generated , this inspection is more for local customers that can see the physical condition of the bike themselves , and would like to make sure that the bike rides correctly and is mechanically sound . 


2/ Our Gold  inspection ,  i check the bike over, both pre and post test ride for any problems or components that may need attention in the next 6 months , i also take a 80 to 100 close up high resolution pictures ,note any problem i see and email the photos through to the customer , i then call the customer to go through the photos ,this way they can see the exact condition of the bike and see what i have seen on the day , i  also give the customer a call on completion of the inspection ,this service is more designed for our interstate and over seas  customers or customers  that are unable to see the bike themselves ,as well as to give the customer detailed photos of the bike for transport purposes incase the bike incurs any damage whilst in transit .

3/ I also offer a service for those customers that are unsure of what bike to purchase , i normally meet with them and we visit numerous shops and try to find them a bike that suites them astatically ,ergonomically as well as the type of riding they would like to do , i then inspect the bike and help them with any purchase negotiation details ,in some cases the customer has not made a purchase on the day ,however has found what bike they are after and we then look at bikes in the private sales sector .

I started doing pre purchase inspections after a customer purchased a ZX6 and came to my workshop for a check over  , the bike looked great but scared the hell out of him riding it ,he thought that it was just him ,as he had just came from an RE bike and it was just the bigger bike he wasn't used to yet , i took the bike for a ride and soon realized that it wasn't him and that the bike had some major problems , mismatch tires ,alignment was out steering head bearing were shot and the list goes on , even though the bike was sold to him with a roadworthy ,someone hadn't done there job or just didn't care , so this is were it all started from ,he said to me why don't i check bikes out prior to people buying them that was over 10years ago .

Since then things have really changed in the bike industry , most shops now are owned by corporations and not by individuals , this has taken the personnel level out of purchasing a bike ,its all about sales figures and profit ,even a lot of the sales people are chosen sadly for there ability to sell not there knowledge of bikes , more and more RWC people are popping up and the scary part is they are car mechanics not bike ,so we have this she will be right attitude creeping in as well ,i find more and more bikes every week that not only have problems ,that could cost riders money , but could be potentially dangerous to them , as i am also fully insured to test ride motorcycles up to $100,000 all the bike i do are test ridden . i started this service to help customers who were  ,new to riding , interstate or who have limited motorcycle  knowledge to dramatically reduce the chances of buying a lemon or an unsafe bike, buy combining 30year of motorcycle mechanical knowledge with over 40 years of riding experience and a keen eye for detail , i can give my customer the best service possible , i place our pre-purchase inspections first on our priority list as i know time is of the essence ,and normally can  get to the bike within 24 hrs of the customers request weather pending.
If you would like to know more of our services ,give us a call we will be more than happy to discuss any specific needs you have .

Call Glen for a Quote today   0431350514

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Track and Ride day Preparation and Track side assistance .

We offer a number of services from getting your bike ready for the track , how to service it , making sure it is straight and how to set up your suspension, gearing  and tires , we also can  assisting you at the track with bike set up on the day ,as well we also work in with John from Streetwise rider training with coaching on the day, so if you are interested in doing ride days or having a go at racing  ,give us a call and we can tailor our services around your needs .

We work in with a number of companies ,here are a few we would like to recommend for your consideration .

John      Streetwise Rider Training                https://streetwiseridertraining.com.au/            0448 667 285


Rick      Oz Scooters Direct                     http://www.ozscootersdirect.com.au/          1300 697 266


James   Bike Nuts Transport                   www.bikenuttransport.com.au/                     Call 1300-245-368‎


Brian    Motorcycle Roadworthies            www.motorcycleroadworthys.com.au/            1800 BIKERWC