Mobile  Motorcycle Pre-purchase Inspections

We have been servicing  Brisbane , Gold Coast , Sunshine Coast & all parts of Sth east Qld  for the past 8 years and have customers all over Australia that have used our service ,it helps give customers an insight to what the actual condition of the bike is , we have just started offering 2 types of services.

 1/ Our Bronze inspection is were we , test ride and check the bike over  for any problems and give the customer a call after the inspection if they are not present ,  costs can be kept down as I can ride out with minimul tools ,this is more for bikes in the cheaper price bracket or where a customer has already seen the bike them self and just want a more informed check .


2/ Our Gold  inspection we run a vehical wich enables us to take more tools and stands with us ,test ride the bike ,check the bike over for any problem and in the event the bike doesnt ride straight we can asitain were it is out of alingment , we also take a number of close up high resolution pictures ,fill out a work sheet and email the photos ,work sheet and a report outlining any problems with the bike, we also give the customer a call on completion of the inspection ,this service is more designed for our interstate  customers or customers  that are unable to see the bike themselves .

Even our Bronze inspections are more extensive than a road worthy , we have had bikes advertised with roadworthys that have not past our inspections , for reasons that are and are not listed on a roadworthy ,just two example the bike i was inspecting had 5000klm on the speedo ,through the inspection there were a number of items that proved, the bike had been used as a track bike and put back on the street ,even though the bike looked perfect on the internet pictures and even to the buyer looked at it himself it was not obvious that the bike had infact done a lot more klm than advertised and also showed signs of being crashed  , another was a Harley once again in the internet pictures it look great and  was roadworthy , the problem was it had been sitting out side on the coast for a few years  ,the chrome work cases and even the frame was badly corroded  and would have cost thousands of dollars to get it back into good condition , the customers were disapointed that the adds didnt discribe the bikes real condition ,even tho the customers  didnt purchase these bike they were both extreamly happy they didnt find these things out after purchase the bikes and in one case after transporting the bike some 2000klms .

I started this service to help customers who were interstate ,new to riding or who have limited motorcycle mechanical  knowlage ,to damaticaly reduce the chances of buying a lemon or an unsafe bike  . We have also in the past paid for the bikes on the spot for the customer and dropped the bike to transport to make sure the customers funds are safe and the bike is in the same condition it was when we inspected it.
We place our pre-purchase inspections first on our priority list as we know time is of the essence ,and normally can  get to the bike within 24 hrs of the customers request weather pending.
If you would like to know more of our services ,give us a call we will be more than happy to discuss any specific needs you have .


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Track and Ride day Preparation and Track side assistance .

Our service covers setting up your bike to suit your riding style ,yes suit your riding style not try to get you to alter your style to suit the bike ,we ensure the bike is straight,the suspension is set up to suit the riders weight and riding experience as well as teaching you how your suspension works and how to set your own bike up, we also offer performance tuning  and Training for the Rider  , we offer a complete  overall package for any level , to help you get the most out you and your bike .
So if your new to racing or just wanting to do some track work give us a call to see how we can help.

We work in with a number of companies ,here are a few we would like to recommend for your consideration .


Rick      Oz Scooters Direct                     http://www.ozscootersdirect.com.au/          1300 697 266


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