One on One and Group  Workshops

Track Tune is now offering two types of workshops that will be available during mid week as well as weekends.

To book just give me a call to work out you or your groups needs  on 0431350514

Hi i firstly would like to introduce myself, i have been road riding continually for the past 40 years ,i was a motorcycle courier for a period of time and at the same time road raced getting up to B grade , unfortunately i suffered an injury not bike related which put a stop to my career ,after that i decided to do motorcycle mechanical work ,i suppose just so i could still be around bikes , hence started a career setting up any thing from pocket bikes to Super bikes ,doing a bit of club racing along the way on Flat track ,pocket bikes and even getting a full sponsorship deal to race scooters ,yes scooters they were heaps of fun i must add , i was also head mechanic for Johnny Chop building custom choppers as well ,so yes i've had a fairly diverse  relationship with bikes of all types over the past 40 years .

   Over the past 6 months i have been helping out as a volunteer  mechanic /assistant  rider trainer at some road craft and break and cornering courses ,as well as going on rides with all different riders from all walks of life and some of the groups around SEQ ,what i have found is that due to the way riders are getting there licences these days, through no fault of there own they are missing out on a lot of the basic skills, that we used to learn by riding with other experienced riders for 12mths  on our Ls to get a licence ,through the old licencing system and some things that you can only learn over time which are normally past from rider to rider  . This has brought about a bit of a void and a need i feel for these type of workshops to help riders expand there skill sets ,and hopefully keep them safer on the roads,with the get to know your bike workshop , it will help you know when critical components of your bike need replacing and how and when to adjust them ,this will not only help keep you safe and in some cases improve your riding ,it can also  save you money,by  getting  longer life out of some of you bikes critical components ,you will also pick up some other usefull tips on the day as well . 

With the Road Suspension Tuning Workshop ,the first thing we have to understand is that we are not on a race track , on a race track the bikes are set up to go 1 speed flat out over a prepared surface, that rarely changes , for  short periods of time, compared to some of the distances we do on the road and the riders that pilot them have to be pretty fit and have a fairy high skill level to do what they do  ,  on the road surfaces and conditions are changing constantly and like it or not can and will get fairly rough ,poor suspension setup will not only wear out critical components it can also cause fatigue in the rider , us as riders very in fitness and skill levels so each rider and bike has to be set up to  suite the rider  , i can put 3 different riders on the same bike and i will get 3 different set ups  ,each rider will want a different feel from the bike ,there weight, height and how they sit on the bike,how they ride the bike  will also change the way it is set up, this is why part of the workshop is in the workshop and the second half is done on the road, this is so riders can develop a feel for what different suspension components do and learn to adjust them to get the feel they want . Thankyou for taking the time to read this if you have any questions give me a call on the number above ,hope to see you at a workshop soon and keep shiny side up .  

Workshop 1

Get to know your Bike  

This workshop will cover getting to know your bike, and knowing when components such as tyres ,brake pads and rotors ,steering head and wheel bearing , fork seals and cables need replacing. The workshop also covers how to check your tyre pressures, oil level how to top it up , chain and cable adjustments and positioning your controls, to suit you. Basically covering everything to keep you and your bike safe .Due to the new rules we can only offer 1 on 1 workshops unfortunately  group workshops have been are suspended for the time being . 

Workshop 2

Road suspension Tuning  

This workshop covers aspects of street suspension tuning . Topics covered will include the theory behind the different suspension components and how they work, as well as how adjustments are made and why, we also will check that your controls are adjusted correctly to suit you as well .The practical session within the workshop ,will be where we check that all your suspension and chassis components are working correctly and not damaged , set the rider sags to suit your own needs and put in some base line settings ,we will then go for a ride, on the road ride we will go through compression and rebound settings ,were you will learn what to feel for how to adjust ,in order to get the best setup for each rider and there bike .

 Due to the new rules we can only offer 1 on 1 workshops unfortunately  group workshops have been are suspended for the time being .